Personalized Acrylic Seating Chart

Size: 28x28cm-11x11inch


Item Features:

1. Handmade item. 2. Made to order.


1. High quality clear acrylic. 2. Acrylic thick: 0.5cm. 3. Letters are UV printed on the acrylic. not a sticker.


1) 28x28cm, approximately 11x11inch; 2) 20x30cm, approximately 8x12 inch; 3) 25x35cm, approximately 10x14 inch; 4) 30x45cm, approximately 12x18inch; 5) 40x50cm, approximately 16x20 inches;

Information for Custom:

1. Names 2. Data * any text in any language is available.

Pay Attention:

1. Only 1pc wedding sign, without stand.

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