Floral Print Welcome To Our Wedding Rustic Welcome Sign

Size: 20x25cm-8x10inch


Item Features:

1. Handmade item. 2. Made to order.


Canvas printed photo + wood frame.


1) 20x25cm, approximately 8x10 inches; 2) 30x40cm, approximately 12x16 inches; 3) 40x40cm, approximately 16x16 inches; 4) 40x60cm, approximately 16x24 inches; 5) 50x70cm, approximately 20x27 inches; 6) 40x50cm, approximately 16x20 inches;

Information for Custom:

1. Names 2. Data 3. background pattern.(please contact customer service if you don't know how to leave customer information.)

How to custom?

1. choose the size you want and pay for it. 2. write a note to seller. or send custom text to seller by message.

Pay Attention:

1. Only 1pc wedding sign, without stand. 2. Please send high quality photo for print, if your photo is low quality, it will be blurry after printed, that is problem in your side, we don't accept this reason for compensation or nagative feedback. thank you for your understanding.

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